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Cheer Here!

assembled ingredients for eggnog

Seasons Greetings to all! Welcome home your loved ones and friends. Warm them with cheer, gifts, warm cookies, and eggnog. This eggnog is derived from a recipe commonly referred to as General George Washington’s Milk Punch, although it is not difficult to imagine this name is earned more by the rye whiskey than the identity of its author. Washington was a master distiller of rye whiskey. We keep the remains of the whiskey to float on the cups of nog as they are served. Use quality brandy as it is one of the defining flavors here. Serve eggnog daily over the season with cookies and cheer.


General George Washington’s Erstwhile EggNog


1 dozen eggs

1 quart cream

1 quart milk

¾ cup sugar

1 pint Brandy

½ pint Rye (or Bourbon)

¼ pint Rum

¼ pint Sherry (or Madeira, Marsala,…)


Deeply chill all ingredients. Combine all booze and reserve. Separate the eggs carefully. Beat the yolks until light and fluffy, slowly adding sugar. Drip the booze into yolks, too fast will cook the eggs. Once incorporated add the milk and cream. Whip the egg whites to peaks and fold into egg mix. The whipped whites will gather at the top of the tub. The eggnog must be refrigerated and folded, stirred, and tasted everyday for at least three weeks. It will take this time to absorb the flavors of the liquor and also to absorb all of the egg whites. Serve chilled with nutmeg, cookies, and whiskey. Good Stuff!


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