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Peach Martinis

Spent forty bucks on peaches for pies the other day. We just couldn’t throw away the scraps. So,.. peels and pits went into a glass jar with some of our 192proof Polish vodka. Standard addition of sugar syrup and two weeks later, Peschelino! Good Stuff!



Scraps from 4 pounds of peaches

Enough high proof vodka to cover

1 1/3cups simple syrup

In a tightly covered jar, cover the peach scraps with vodka. Put in a dark, cool place for two days. On the second day put the syrup in the same dark, cool place to come to the same temperature before mixing. On the next day, pour the syrup into the jar, do not stir. Store for two more weeks in said dark, cool place. Serve over ice as a martini, in a bellini,… Good Stuff!

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