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Osso Buco

Fry the shanks, dredged in seasoned flour

Now add the parcooked potatoes

Spoon tender, packed with flavor, slow braised veal hindshanks equal osso buco. This recipe is for three small shanks, about 15-20 dollars. Let the meat come to room temp. Prepare a dredge of one cup flour, one teaspoon salt, one half teaspoon pepper. Mix well, over several minutes, repeatedly dredge the shanks in the flour mix to create a thick crust. Brown the shanks in a couple of Tablespoons of hot veal fat or olive oil. Monitor the top and bottom of your shanks, the top is the wide mouth of the marrow. Brown the top first and then leave right side up for the entirety of the cooking. If they are cooked upside down, the marrow will

Plated with braised boc choi

Out of the oven, finishing the sauce

fall out. Once browned remove and reserve. Sautee in the hot fat –

1 onion diced

3 ribs celery diced

1 carrot diced

6 cloves garlic sliced thin

Caramelize the vegetables well, deglaze with brown beer, red wine, vermouth, or water. Cook off the alcohol and return the shanks to the pan. Add veal stock or water to cover the shanks completely. Cover your braising pan and put into a 275 degree oven for three hours. In the meantime blanch your potatoes. We used baby purple potatoes from a local farm. Cook the potatoes about halfway, chill, and reserve.  Throw the potatoes in the braising pot for the last hour of cooking. Chop the herbs for the sauce.

1 Tablepoon fresh parsley

1 leaf fresh sage

1 teaspoon fresh thyme

1 teaspoon fresh rosemary

After the shanks are cooked, remove them and the potatoes from their liquor. Keep warm. Transfer liquor to a saucepot, remove the grease. Add chopped herbs, season with salt and pepper. Serve with braised greens of some sort, last night we had boc choi.


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